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Jon Horton

Monday, December 19, 2005

Spiritual Feminism vs the American Political Model

jackson hole blog

by j.r. horton

january 2006

about 2000 years ago there was a fundamental, profound, change in the Zeitgeist—a shift in the fundamental psychology of the human race. the old way of thinking, as exemplified in the Old Testament, was shifted out of place by Christianity. the new way of thinking about religion and spirituality was still rooted in the old paradigm, but the change was profound. we are now in the middle of another paradigm shift in the basic psychology of the species homo sapiens sapiens and the change is, most understandably, confusing.

The fresh advent of the universal feminine will undergo, almost surely, as long a process as the religion of the Christ took to become ascendent. Let me explain that.

the whole of western civilization is based on the Pentateuch of the Jews, given to them during their exodus from Egypt. a paradigm shift previous to the advent of Jesus the Christ happened with Moses came down with the ten commandments that provided the base of the Pentateuch, the five books of the Torah. All our laws and ethical standards, our very civilization, springs from the teachings of the Torah, and that is no exaggeration.

there is one event described in Exodus that is particularly a propos to the present situation in the Western world, where religion and secularism oppose one another—the incident of the Golden Calf. it happened when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the new model for human conduct and found half the Israelites dancing around a gold idol from the earlier world and its animistic gods. Moses was appalled at the licentious conduct of half his people and ordered the symbol of secularism destroyed, but some of the revelers never
were redeemed by the Law. instead, they followed their worldly, physical urgings and continued with their atheistic behaviors. They refused to accept anything that said Thou shalt not and their motto may well have been "If it feels good do it". an ad exemplum of a promiscuous, mostly concience-less culture is Israel, which is over 80% secular. examining their conduct toward the Palestinians and their neighbors over the last 50 years will serve well enough to illustrate the point.

to my mind, what is currently called the culture wars stems from that ancient split in the Jews' society, and the fissure runs through the Western world today. America is ostensibly split down the middle with conduct based on the Law and conduct based on the atheistic and perverse behavior of the Golden Calf people strenuously opposing one another. more specifically, on the Left are the secular American Jews, feminists with their feckless academic acolytes, and disaffected minorities like blacks and homosexuals. On the Right are the religious (versus spiritual), particularly the pinhead fundamentalist Christians, plus some others with a wider latitude of character who, finally, believe that living according to the teachings of the Torah and/or Jesus Christ is the model for conducting their lives.

so, back to the new spirituality that is burgeoning in the world. the Feminine is taking its place beside the corrupt world that has been rampant for the last 2000 years or so—a world managed by priests who claimed the only way to access the grace of God was through the ministrations of themselves. that notion was created when someone, not Jesus, said that Man was himself corrupt and born into a natural sin that could be absolved only through the catholic churches. and all that was based on the poisonous creation myth of The Fall in the Garden of Eden.

This new spirituality is not new, in fact it is part and parcel with the teachings of some mystical Jewish thought that blossomed in 14th Century Spain and Palestine, notably in the city of Safed. in that esoteric world you will find the feminine figure of the Shekinah. she was radiance itself, the equivalent of the Christians’ Holy Ghost, and was the pillar of fire that Moses saw in Sinai. in some esoteric Jewish traditions it is said that after God created the world he gave it over to the Second spirits, in the form of the male and female deities El and Shekinah for them to tend to the lives of frail humans.

there is a teaching in Gnosticism that those two deities were named Yahweh (YHVH) and Sophia (Wisdom) and that tradition teaches that one day YHVH was gazing at the clouds and saw a figure striding across the sky. intrigued, he took some red clay (adama) and modeled the figure he had seen in the sky. but after detailing the physical features he grew bored and put it aside, where it stumbled around murmuring gutteral sounds. Sophia had been watching YHVH and saw that he had again exhibited his arbitrary, inattentive nature by leaving this little figure undone. she picked Adam up and breathed the spirit of her wisdom into his body and he was whole. Now isn’t that a more generous creation myth of a woman having sex with a snake and. So, condemning all humans to hell?

it is this model of co-equal male and female gods that will eventually displace the evil notion that it is only through the ministrations of a male priesthood that Mankind can find their way to heaven. and, by the way, i believe that is at the heart of the scandals of homosexual predators in the priesthood—half their psyches are missing, the feminine half, so they fix on other immature males as sexual objects.

if you are scandalized by what i have written so far, get a load of this: Much of American femininism is as evil and corrupt as the priesthood tradition because they have debased the spiritual and replaced it with the political. they are just more people of the Golden Calf, denying anything larger than their vicious political world. In other countries, most notably in the Middle East and other third world countries, women are coming into their own naturally. meanwhile in this country, the promiscuous little women of American feminism think that acting like men, and men at their worst, will propel them to the top. they don’t have a prayer.


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